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PHP Development Services

PHP Software Development

We use PHP, along with the other LAMP stack technologies (Linux OS, Apache HTTP Server, and MySQL relational database management system) to design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain high-performance web services and apps. We primarily program using the LAMP stack, but also write PHP code for other operating systems (MacOS, Windows), DBMS’s (PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle) and servers (IIS, NGINX, Google Web Server).

PHP Web Development

Custom server-side PHP web development for dynamic websites, single-page web apps, web portals, APIs, content management systems, and enterprise-grade web apps with built-in modules for CRM, e-commerce, and sophisticated catalog taxonomies. Additional PHP programming services include command-line scripting for embedded software and client-side scripting for GUIs, as well as migration and porting to PHP 7.

PHP Database Development

Development of PHP web apps with MySQL database connectivity and integrations for database abstraction layers, PHP Data Objects, Open Database Connectivity, and Web Distributed Data Exchange. Designing of database management systems for referential integrity, type extensibility, automated procedures, and query building. Implementation of PHP database extensions like IBM DM2, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

PHP Server Programming

We engineer server-side and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) applications with PHP, and integrate with Server Application Programming Interfaces (SAPI), Internet Server Application Programming Interfaces, and Command Line Interfaces (CLI). We ensure all servers programmed with PHP include encryption and cryptography, powerful third-party framework support, and output capabilities for SOAP and REST web services.

PHP Mobile App Development

We design cross-platform and native PHP mobile apps that are scalable, device-aware, and interactive with device features like cameras, geolocation, and social media. We leverage extensively documented mobile development frameworks and seamlessly deploy apps onto web or cloud servers.

PHP CMS Services

Implementation of open-source PHP content management systems including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Development of PHP CMS modules including document management, user analysis, real-time data tracking, multi-site management, marketing automation, and SEO.

PHP Programming Experts

PHP Web Development 1


We use the popular, versatile PHP framework Laravel and tools like its Blade templating engine and Homestead development environment to build large, scalable web apps.

PHP Web Development 2


We create web apps with PHP7 and manage apps written in older PHP versions using CakePHP's modern framework libraries, dynamic database tools and numerous safety protocols.

PHP Web Development 3


Programming of complex, enterprise-grade web applications using Symfony Composer libraries for replicable tasks such as form creation, routing, and authentication.

PHP Web Development 4


Modular development of complex, large-scale web applications for businesses using Zend's robust and stable framework and tools for cryptographic coding, unit testing, and drag-and-drop editing.

PHP Web Development 5


We rapidly develop highly secure apps using Phalcon's speedy PHP web server extension and extensive tool library for multi-database support, auto-loading, and MongoDB document mapping.

PHP Web Development 6


We leverage Yii and its world-class code generator, Gii, to rapidly develop enterprise-grade applications that require complex workflows, such as web portals, CMS, and CRM.

PHP Web Development 7


Rapid application development and long-term support with CodeIgniter's lightweight, future-proof framework, decade-long documentation, and infinite plug-in capabilities.

PHP Web Development 7


Simultaneous development of interconnected web apps using FuelPHP's actively developed, full-stack framework which supports both MVC and HMVC architectures.

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